My Clients

I’ve worked with many regional and national organizations over the years. Lots of health, technology, education, and professional services organizations. But also lots of others. Gaming, local, environmental, and non-profits.

Digital Legacy

I am one of the original researchers on the subject of digital legacy. I’ve been trying to answer the question “what happens to your digital assets when you die?” I even wrote a book with Evan Carroll called “Your Digital Afterlife” to try to answer the question. We started to talk about the subject and for the legal community.

It’s a niche subject that has brought me around the country and has put me in TV interviews and articles. One of the proudest moments of my life was we were interviewed on Terry Gross’s Fresh Air.

Other interests

I’m a member of AIGA and a board member of TriUXPA. I also run, a site that strives to be the most comprehensive list of creative organizations in the Triangle. I also built because, Cicero sucks.

I have a life outside of work. I’m a Dad. I dig fresh beer, good bourbon, sci-fi, and motorcycling.