Historically, the insurance industry moves slowly, but research showed AON’s customers are using mobile devices. When we showed that AON’s first competitor launched a new responsive site, AON knew it had to provide support to tablets and phones.

But it wasn’t easy. AON has a complex product line, articles, help pages, large tables and application forms. Additionally, they use Sharepoint, a system not know for responsive design. After UX planning, prototyping, design, we delivered ¬†fourteen fully-functional HTML/CSS/JS templates in¬†a fully responsive front-end to AON back-end developers.

I provided page description diagrams:


and led collaborative sketching sessions to transform them into direction for the dev and visual design team.


I lead the prototyping process with the devs

And lead the process of integrating it with the design


Bringing us to the final front-end.

The team: Laura Hargrove, Chris Yow, Jess Gerber, and Ryan Cuthriell. Major props to the AON dev team for implementing our responsive front-end in Sharepoint (no easy feat).