Undesired complexity can develop over time, especially in large organizations that build, buy and bolt on multiple systems. The solution is often painful and messy, but smart organizations understand when to reboot a system and when to stop throwing budget at sunk costs that aren’t sustainable.

This is where the AICPA was when they called Capstrat. They said they needed a UX team to help guide their organization through the implementation of a new Avectra CRM and service portal.

This work was hard and technical. It was one part UX, one part digital strategy, one part facilitation. This was also the largest UX project I’ve ever done. Man, I loved it.

I worked with Brian Hall across nine, three-week sprints. Exhausting.

The result: 24 facilitated stakeholder sessions, 7 sitemaps, 14 page flow diagrams, and 290 wireframes…


along with a visual design system…


and primary user research documentation, including this great rainbow spreadsheet that tracked issues across all users and all tasks in the user testing.